Frequently asked questions
We do not believe in providing individual courses as they fail to create the desired impact. Learning just one course will not help you significantly. That is the reason why we have package offerings that ensures mastery in the domain. Our courses are –
  • Coding Bachelor’s Course
  • Complete STEM Bachelor’s Course (includes coding)
  • Master’s Course + Fellowship Program
You need to first complete either the Coding or Complete STEM Bachelor’s Course and then you shall be eligible to take up the Master’s course.
Video based learning platforms lack one key factor which is handholding and accountability. It is the only reason why they fail to create the desired impact. This part is seamlessly taken care at Gyanoholic by Live 1:1 mentoring session, Agile Methodology and a very disciplined process.
  • Our Mentoring sessions happen every week on a fixed day and time.
  • Targets are set for every week. Hence, the student is answerable to the Mentor about his progress in the next mentoring session.
  • Students are strictly tested by the Mentor to gauge his understanding.
  • Parents and Mentors can see the live progress of the child on the Scrum Board.
With all these processes, we bring in complete accountability and ensure your child’s progress.
The Bachelor’s course trains a student on different fields of STEM – coding, electronics, electrical, designing and manufacturing. The aim is to build Creators who has the all-round knowledge and skills of STEM. During the Bachelor’s course, the students goes through a total of 21 courses to establish a strong STEM foundation. On an average, the Bachelor’s course takes about 2 years to complete and has about 100 Mentoring sessions. During this process, every student is closely monitored and analysed to find out his strength areas. On the completion of the Bachelor’s course, the student can then pursue the Master’s Course to advance ahead in their strength areas.
When a student completes the 21 courses of the Bachelor’s course, his true strengths and interest areas are revealed. Some student would realise that his interests lies in designing websites and apps whereas someone would realise that his interest and strength lies in electronics. Depending on the strengths and interests, a student can therefore choose a field to specialise in our Master’s course. The Master’s courses are designed by industry experts. The aim of these courses are to teach the students the actual tools and technologies that are used in the industry today. We have over 20 fields to choose from in the Master’s course like – UI/UX designer, developer, tester, digital marketing, advanced robotics, raspberry pi, machine learning, data analytics, database management, etc.
What you learn in a course is the first level of learning. Complete learning happens you get a chance to consistently apply those learnings in real life under expert guidance and gain ground level experience. In our Tech Fellowship program, we give our students the chance to work on real client projects where they have real challenges to work on. Here it is no longer the course environment but live projects where they have to figure out which concepts to apply and thus find custom solutions. We have industry experts who guide the students at every step and teach invaluable project management skills. With our Tech Fellowship program, no student remains a Fresher!
Our Mentors are highly motivated and passionate Tech enthusiasts who have a strong background in the Tech domain. They are thoroughly trained in all our courses and have to earn the Mentor position after a lot of assessment and training. The Mentors are not only the experts of the course content but also are aware of the tech happenings across the globe.
Every child is allotted a personal Mentor for complete hand-holding throughout the course. There is a mandatory 30mins LIVE 1:1 Mentoring session every single week. The day and time is mutually decided on enrolment. During this session, the mentor evaluates the child’s progress by asking him different questions based on the videos that the child has watched. The mentor then gives assignments to the child based on the topics that the child has covered. Finally the mentor and the child mutually decide the target for the coming week. In addition to this, the mentor keeps the child motivated and shows him the bigger picture, thus acting as a guide in this journey of learning.
Live 1:1 mentoring is much better than live 1:1 teaching because of multiple reasons:
  • Quality of teaching remains the same for all students
  • Continuous learning even when the class is not on
  • You decide the pace of the course and faster pace doesn’t mean you will need to pay more every month
  • Complete teaching is done using the videos. Hence, the Mentor can focus on other aspects like motivating, project management skills, assessment, feedback, etc.
  • Mentoring sessions will be held once a week for 30 minutes.
    Every child is unique and has his own strengths and weaknesses. Here at Gyanoholic, the curriculum is not decided by the age of the child. In our experience of teaching Tech to kids for more than 10 years, we have very commonly seen cases where an 8 year old has been much smarter and quicker in grasping, more motivated and interested than a 12 year old kid. In such a case, the curriculum has to be personalised to fit the needs of the child to retain the interest level and continue progressing. Hence, we access the child’s performance and accordingly decide the curriculum for him/her.
    The class will take place at the comfort of your home. You can complete your tasks as per your convenience. A live 1:1 mentoring session will happen at a pre decided day and time every week for a duration of 30 minutes
    Based on the years of experience we have in teaching tech to kids, it has been a strategic decision to not have an age wise curriculum. Every child is unique and has his own strengths and weaknesses. It is absolutely wrong to segregate kids based on their age as an 8 year old can be smarter and better in grasping than a 12 year old. In such a case, the 8 year old kid deserves to learn faster and be exposed to challenging stuffs to keep his drive intact. Similarly, for the 12 year old kid who is finding things a little difficult, it is important to make him feel comforted by giving him easier stuff to build his base. If you bombard him with the regular stuff, he will struggle and eventually lose interest. Our Mentors closely monitor and assess the child’s performance and understanding and thereafter crafts a personalised curriculum for him.
    Yes absolutely. Firstly, at the end of every video, questions are asked which the child has to compulsorily answer to advance to the next video. Next the mentor will ask a lot of descriptive questions to the student during the mentoring session to assess his/her understanding. In addition to this, the mentor and the parents can track each and every activity of the child during the week in the scrum board.
    The child and the mentor decide the pace of the course. The number of topics a child can cover in one sprint (week) is mutually decided by the child and the mentor. We at Gyanoholic do not believe in setting unrealistic targets and rushing through the course. It is important to enjoy the process of learning and hence the aim is always to set realistic goals and most importantly always aim to achieve the set goal. Credit is given not to the student covering most number of videos every week but to the students who achieve their set targets!
    Mentors hold a very important position in our process. The mentor along with the student decide the target for the upcoming week and accordingly prepares the Scrum board for the student to follow. Without the mentoring session, the student will not have his set of target for the week and hence there will be nothing seen on the Scrum board. Therefore, the student will not be able to progress ahead. But in case the family is going on a vacation, student is not keeping well, examinations, etc., mentoring session can be skipped by informing the mentor in advance. The sessions and the course will resume once the child is back from the break.
    Yes. If a student wants to permanently change their regular mentoring slot, it can be done based on the availability of the slot for the same mentor. If the slot is not available for the same mentor, then a different mentor will be allotted for the new time slot.
    The number of topics to be completed in a week is mutually decided by the mentor and the child. The main objective behind this mutual planning exercise is to learn to plan better and complete the activities as planned. So if a child wasn’t able to complete the planned topics, the mentor and the child will analyse the reasons for the same and this learning will help them plan better in the next sprint (next week). If the child has been continuously missing the self-set targets by a big margin, then the parents will be informed regarding the same.
    In case a child has any doubts while watching the videos, the child can immediately post them in the slack group. The child’s Mentor will instantly connect with the child to solve it. In addition to this, every mentor is available every single day for a LIVE doubt solving session at a particular time slot for 1 hour over a video call with screen sharing and remote access features. Students having doubts can join this session and get their doubts clarified.
    We strongly believe that in today era where we are surrounded by technology everywhere, everyone must know at least the working principle of all the basic appliances in our house. Things like AC, Microwave Over, Fans, Smartphones, etc. tech marvels in themselves and by simply understanding their working principle, one can gain a lot of critical knowledge. In How Stuffs Work, we breakdown these gadgets and explain their working principle in the simplest manner possible.
    Kids have immense imagination power. But for this imagination to flourish, the right information has to be fed into their minds. Technology is growing at lightening pace and every single day new inventions are made. If our kids do not stay updated with the new advancements, their thinking horizon will never grow. They might still dream of making a flying car one day whereas flying cars are already a reality today! In Tech Talks, we keep our students up-to-date with the latest tech happenings in the world.
    Knowledge gets rusty if not put to use. There is no better way to test your learning than getting an opportunity to apply what you have learnt. When you work on projects, you get to understand the whole ecosystem and the process of how things are done. Also, while working you realize the actual application of the learnt concept. Every project is a new terrain altogether and every time the student learns new ways of using what his knowledge. There is no use of knowledge if you cannot use to do something productive. This application of the learnt concept is the ultimate proof that the child has understood. It also gives a sense of responsibility and achievement to every child.
    India as a country has a shortage of good quality teachers. It is very rare to see good quality resources aspiring to be Teachers. You as parents also would not want your children to be teachers and hence the shortage of good quality teachers will always keep growing. This results in average quality teachers entering the industry and therefore we see such disparity in quality today.

    With our video-based learning, we ensure that the learning happens in the best possible way for every student. The only possible issue with video-based learning is the lack of accountability and hand holding which is very well taken care by the Personal Mentor for every student at Gyanoholic. Our Mentors strictly monitor the understanding and ensure that the child is progressing through the live 1:1 Mentoring sessions every week.
    There is no doubt that the kids can comfortably work on live projects in the Fellowship Program for the following reasons -
    • Our extensive curriculum of the Bachelor’s Program ensures that the students develop a very strong foundation of the important concepts.
    • Our courses in the Master’s Program are very much in dept and created in a way that the students can achieve complete mastery in the domain. These courses not just teach but also has many capstone projects which prepares the students very well for the next stage.
    • Kids today are more than capable to do such things. We as parents think from our understanding and perspective. However, we should understand that the new generation kids are way smarter and adaptive than what we were at their age.
    The free trial course aims to give you the real experience of what our actual Bachelor’s Course would be like. That is the reason why instead of offering a free 1 hour trial class like others, we are offering a complete course with 1:1 Mentoring for a period of 5 days for you to understand our quality. The trial course comprises of the Basic Web Development course consisting of 25 videos (90mins), 1 How Stuffs Work, Broadcast and Tech Talks each as well as a Project. The course is complete in itself and by the end of the 5 day period, the student will be in a state to create a basic website all by himself. The trial course will have two mentoring sessions – One on day 1 and the other one on day 5. This trial course also helps the mentor in gauging the grasping ability of the child, thus helping him prepare the personalized curriculum for the child better.
    A trial class is typically a 1 hour session to show how things work. A trial course offered by gyanoholic is a complete course with 1:1 mentoring offered for a period of 5 days. At the end of the 5 day period the child will be able to do something all by himself based on the concepts taught in the trial course. The trial course will have two mentoring sessions – One on day 1 and the other one on day 5.
    All the videos are high production quality learning videos with animations and graphics for better visualisation and understanding. Every concept or code is properly broken down step wise and explained in a manner that the student can understand and retain.
    The duration of the course totally depends on the pace of the child. At an average pace a child is expected to complete the bachelors course in less than 2 years.
    Gyanoholic has been operational for the last 10 years. Gyanoholic was started out of college during the first year of engineering. It all started with a simple thought that ‘what has been taught at an age of 19 in engineering is not so difficult and can be taught much earlier in life; if taught the right way’. Gyanoholic has its presence across 7 countries including USA, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Qatar.
    In today’s era, it will be completely wrong to say that coding is just a good to have skill. It has now become a must have skill as more and more things are progressing online and towards automation. Coding is excellent but only if learnt in the right way. If coding is just about learning a new language, then it is no different from our theoretical school curriculum. There is no point in learning it superficially. You need to dig deep and understand the essence of coding. Coding needs to be learnt with the objective of being able to think like a problem solver. The real learning will happen when you start identifying problems and solve them by writing codes. If you approach coding in this way, then it is one of the most wonderful exercises to improve creativity and problem solving abilities
    Anyone above 7 years can start learning programming. More than the age, what matters is what journey you choose in learning programming. You cannot start teaching script based programming like Python or Java to a 7 year old directly. You need to plan the process and choose the right set of platforms to start the programming journey followed by the right platforms to transit from simpler platforms to more advanced ones and so on. We at Gyanoholic have planned the curriculums in the most strategic manner which ensures the perfect journey from being a beginner to becoming a pro at coding.
    The tech fellowship program offered by Gyanoholic is a mentor driven video course. The child learns through high quality videos and there is a personal mentor for every child for complete hand holding and accountability. The mentor and the child meet every single week at a fixed time for a 1:1 mentoring session of 30 minutes over video call. During this interaction, the mentor and the child mutually decide on the number of topics to be completed in a week. The objective of this planning exercise is to not set unrealistic targets, but to complete everything as per the plan and time availability of the child. During the next mentoring session, the mentor will ask questions based on the videos watched by the child, give fresh assignments and also plan the topics to be completed in the next week.
    Coding is an important skill and it is important to learn to code as it improves creativity and problem solving skill. But it is not the only skill out there which does all this. We at Gyanoholic believe every child has their own interests and things that they are good at. Yes, learning to code has a lot of benefits and everyone should learn to code. We will try our best to teach your child for best outcomes. But if a child is just not able to grasp what is being taught, we will be the first person to inform you that and offer a 100% no questions asked refund. If we do so, just remember – it no ways means that your child is not smart enough. It just means his area of interest lies elsewhere.
    Parents will have access to the scrum board. Every activity of the child can be viewed in the scrum board.
    The Scrum Board is where all the tasks and activities of the Student and Mentor is logged. You can view the weekly targets, each code and activity done by the Student, Mentor’s feedback on each of the student’s work, assignments, etc. The Scrum Board helps the student and mentor to set and achieve targets in a very organised and planned manner. It also brings in transparency for everyone to see exactly what is happening.
    Agile is a proven method used by corporates across the globe to deliver projects on time. Scrum in agile is an iterative framework used to breakdown complex problems into smaller chunks and completing it in a timely manner. In the tech fellowship program, scrum is used to break down the entire course into achievable smaller chunks for a period of a week referred to as a sprint. The scrum board is used to give visuals about the current status and the targets for the week. This approach of planning helps in achieving the desired targets in a timely manner. This process ensures there is visible progress every 7 days.
    The Student/Parent is expected to inform the mentor in advance if they would be missing a mentoring session. A compensation mentoring session will be arranged on a mutually agreed day and time. A child cannot progress ahead without planning the up-coming week with the mentor. The parents and the student need to take the Mentor sessions very seriously and ensure that no session is missed. Also, you need to understand that rescheduling the mentor session needs to be used only in case of emergency and should not be exploited.
    he whole purpose of introducing Coding and STEM at an early age is to inculcate the habit of problem solving. By teaching STEM concepts, we can make them experts and skilled in STEM but we cannot inculcate the problem solving mindset. The Start-Up ecosystem is such where everyone is solving some kind of problem. At Start-Up Talks, we bring the case studies of 100s of start-ups and highlight the different problems that they are solving with the innovative solution.
    No. You can take up the Master’s course only after having completes either of the Bachelor’s course.
    We cannot say this for sure. It can still exists or something new might come up. But if something new comes up, even the professionals who are working on the current tools today are bound to learn and adapt to the new set of trending tools. The same way the child will also do that. Just because it could change in future is not a good enough reason to not learn anything today. The learning will never go waste. It will always help you in adapting to the new tools much easily. Even though there are so many new programming languages in the world today, it is still very important to learn C++ and Java as they develop the basic logic development foundation.
    Firstly, learning STEM or Coding is not just for the future application. It is the best tool to inculcate creative thinking and problem solving skills in kids today. The mere process of learning to code or create circuits trains your mind in many ways that no other process can do. Secondly, our courses are not superficial or short term. We believe in continuous learning and that can be seen in our Bachelor’s course which is followed by the Master’s course and the Tech Fellowship program. Throughout this journey, students are in touch with the learnt concepts and especially in the Tech Fellowship Program, they get to apply their learnt concepts in real life; thus making it very difficult for them to forget. Once a Fellow, they can be a part of projects for as long as they want and hence the learning will never stop. Thirdly, it is very unlikely that any person will remember everything that he has learnt. Be it kids or adults, if you do not use something for long, you will surely forget. Of course, students will forget things but since they have been in touch with the topics so closely, they will never forget the logic or core fundamentals. They might forget the specific details but if you know what you have forgotten, you can always look it up online in today’s era.
    Yes, every student who takes up the Master’s course gets an opportunity to work on live projects under actual project managers. Skill set is the only criteria to work on live projects. To be a part of live projects, students will have to clear a test. This test is to make sure that the student is ready to work and has the required skill sets. If the student doesn’t clear the test, he will have to prepare and reappear and qualify and work on live projects. This is an important step as the student will not be able to contribute unless he has the required skill sets. Mentors will guide the students in such cases to help them master the concepts better.
    AI and ML in real terms involve complex level mathematics and analytics. Since these are the trending fields in today’s era, people are simply misusing the terms and teaching random things masked as AI and ML. We do not teach AI or ML as these courses require the mathematics knowledge which any child would not have for his age. However, we some very basic introduction to ML in our Python course which just gives an elementary level glimpse of ML.